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Loyal Brother of Naval Arms, Tenacious Poison
and the inquisitive.

Blessed be the Lord, my rock,

who trains my arms for battle. who prepares my hands for war. He is my love, my fortress; He is my stronghold, my savior my shield, my place of refuge.
Psalm 144: 1-2

​​The fact that you are here makes you an invited guest that has asked to seek or a loyal brother here to assimilate Gnosis. This Sanctuary does not track visitor information. It stays totally blind to all that enter. It was built strictly for my personal use and the use of Templar's beyond the 9th degree, and my invited guests. Your visits are not documented or counted. No cookies are set or e-mails collected. There is nothing sold on this site and It is not registered with search engines and can not be found by searching.
So if you would like to return, be sure to book mark or favorite this guest home page. Non Templar guests have access only to the Neophyte portion of this sanctuary which is shown on the menu above of what is contained within for your viewing. If you are a guest and you desire to gain deeper access email me using the link above.

We will have a short discussion and I will determine which additional texts and monographs can be revealed to you. If you are A Templar or a Rosicrucian above the 9th degree, The full site is open to you. Click on "Private Locked" If you truly are a Brother Templar you will know the word key to the private section.


     Whether you know me or not has no relevance to me. The ideas contained within this site  is an accumulation of my life years of dedicated spiritual study and practice. I have presented it here, ​that It may give the younger hope and guidance, and the searching restitution. When very new to manhood I decided to seek out God. For nearly five decades as a seeker, I have practiced many formal religious doctrines in full participation and full dedication. My journeys have brought me in exploration of many formal religions.   I have participated as a Rosicrucian, both of AMORC (ancient mystical order of the rose cross) and the Rosicrucian Christian Brotherhood (Knights Templar).  I am not here to preach a sermon, nor am I here to advocate a religion. I am only here to share my own life's charter with a fellow seeker. In the hope that you may someday share your spiritual travels with me.​


   At this point of my long journey, I have found that the seed of God can sprout from most all religious practices that have a creator as it's core belief, no matter how complicated or ritualistic goes the accompanying dogma. They all hold at least a piece of the puzzle of the great mystery of life. There are many esoteric practices that can provide  sporadic  communion with our creator I am convinced that there is not a religion in existence that can provide unbroken consistency to this communion. This full communion state of existence can only be achieved with rebirth of the soul ( or what us living beings call death). Separation from our creator is the plight of the living, issued from "The Garden" by God himself. Even those whom have faithfully surrendered their entire life to God loose the joy of communion sporadically throughout their life time, and sometimes for years at a time. You can read in the writings of Saint Teresa, Saint John of the cross, and many others of the long agonizing periods of separation of the joy of the holy spirit living within. St. John writes in great detail of his battle to keep God in his heart he calls this period "The Black Night Of The Soul." and instructs us that it is part of a learning  process and a vital part of worship.  My personal journey brings me to the gnosis that as long as our souls are trapped traveling within the confines of time the chapters are never ending, for that seeking itself is the motion that powers the engine of life, God surely is the creator of our spirit and the  architect of our earthly body, the planter of the seed of life. Time is however the builder, and what is needed for the seed to grow from conception to dust. We cannot commune with God by choosing to follow down the path of another soul like a preacher or priest whom is no more than a common man as lost in this world as all others. Leaving the constraints of ego is the only way to full communion.  Gods greatest gift is that the path to full communion is of our own making, it is of our own will that we find him for ourselves deep within the confines of our inner mind away from our earthly identity. For this reasoning is the driving fuel of the Gnostic mystic.  Gnosticism contends that  Religious doctrine ends the the desire to seek for one self and leads only to followers of another souls dogma. In conclusion, I am a Gnostic, which I have always been.   Here in my sanctuary you will not find lectures, no witnessing and no preaching. What you will find, is many spiritually rich roads to travel down, that are void of dogma and road signs. I have traveled down many barren roads in my journeys. Within my sanctuary I offer to you my fellow traveler, pathways which I have discovered through my many years of seeking  that I have found to bear the fruit of enlightenment. I have avoided for obvious reasons, pathways that are by their nature sacrilegious to God, Jesus and the holy trinity. Any believer of a Christian faith can find solace and depth of belief in the pathways visited.  You must plot your own journey ​of self Gnosis, and keep your own journal of found knowledge. The only guidance I will provide is to reveal the pathways to you in the proper order of prerequisite of understanding.  What is offered in the publicly open section of my sanctuary are important preparatory journeys that for many will be a blessing in themselves. They alone contain the power to heal your mind and body and produce a new state of consciousnesses and a profound awareness of your being and our God. This may be enough to satisfy many that desire only to come to the fountain. Some seekers will find that the public offerings have made them thirst for more, and have the desire to board the ship for the long journey. To those that ask, they will be granted access to the deeper sections of this sanctuary in the proper order of revelation. Gnostic's do not witness nor do they preach, for this reason deeper access has to be asked for. Some roads of knowledge that are considered sacred can not be properly understood without certain prior knowledge and are locked until the correct time of revelation is determined. These roads can produce ​many life changing epiphanies that if not fully understood can cause damaging narcissism in the unprepared ego. This is the reasoning behind the secret texts, by no means is there a hidden underlying satanic worship as some people may assume. You will realize early in your journey that true enlightenment can only be accomplished by the fitting of the pieces together for yourself. Your desire to share your epiphany's with the people you love will be strong and rather disappointing to you when you arrive at the realization that there are no words that can be put together to explain your new found knowledge. Progressive understanding and self enlightenment is the wind that  fills the sails of this journey, with out it, there is no explaining, none. Gnosis is impossible to explain much like trying to tell someone that has never loved before what the deep emotions within feels like. There are only words that can be said, but the words cannot  produce the full understanding of the feeling itself. The contents of this web are rooted in the many years of following my own desire to expand my consciousness and awareness of my spiritual self in ways that have provided me with depth of thought and enlightenment. Perhaps they will provide the same experiences for you. To open eyes, hearts and minds to a personally conceived  awareness of the universal truths that surround us, is it's offering.  You will be  joining  me on this voyage as a kindred spirit not a student or follower. This journey contains within it the potential for you to discover a new world. A place in your soul that is void of time, greed, hate, anger, and even death. This can all be navigated to from within your mind and heart. ​As I venture through the fifth decade of my own journey, time has come for me to share my past travels. If only one life of a fellow seeker finds the God within through the sharing of my sanctuary.  Then let this be it's only purpose.

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